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Meissen Porcelain

Meissen Porcelain

Meissen porcelain is special because of its outstanding quality, its tradition and its historical background. It has been manufactured in the city of Meissen in Saxony for over 300 years and is considered one of the best-known and most renowned porcelain products in the world. Each piece is elaborately handcrafted and impresses with its unique design and fine details. Meissen porcelain is also known for its hardness and transparency, making it a valuable and long-lasting work of art. Due to its historical importance and high quality, Meissen porcelain is now a collector's item and a coveted gift for special occasions.


Is Meissener Porzellan® dishwasher and microwave safe? In principle, we cannot guarantee whether a product made of Meissen porcelain is suitable for the dishwasher and/or microwave. For details please contact the manufacturer. We can only give you a few recommendations below: You can clean white porcelain in your dishwasher and also put it in the microwave. Hand-painted or gold-plated pieces should be hand-cleaned. Likewise, items with gold embellishments should not be placed in the microwave. We also recommend that you always wash very fine, thin-walled porcelain by hand. Shipment The dispatch takes place directly in cooperation with the manufacturer Meissen® Porzellan. This packs your goods and then sends them safely on their way.

Art of alchemy

Art of alchemy

The history of Meissen porcelain dates back to 1710, when it was first produced in the Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen. It was the result of intensive efforts to unravel the secret of porcelain manufacture, which was known mainly in China at the time. At that time, the production of porcelain was an art that was coveted by many European royal houses. Due to its historical importance, its excellent craftsmanship and its unique design, Meissen porcelain is valued by collectors and art lovers all over the world. It is a symbol of German craftsmanship and porcelain tradition.