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Side dish "Swan Service"

by Meissen
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The epochal "Swan Service" It's made of white Meissen porcelain Opus Magnum of German Baroque Art. 1737 in a total of 5 years by Meissen master modeler Johann Joachim Kaendler more than 2,200 pieces of porcelain and developed for 100 people, the swan service still combines traditional craftsmanship with a unique service from the court of August III. - a fascination that continues to this day.

For the eponymous relief of a pair of swans swimming through reeds Kaendler is inspired by drawings and copper engravings from the graphic collections of the nearby capital and residential city of Dresden. The shell shape of the "side dish" is also reminiscent of the maritime theme of the swan service.

Product Details:
Designers / Artists: Johann Joachim Kaendler
year of origin: 1737-1741
Height: 3 cm
Broad: 16 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Microwave safe: Yes