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Noble "Edition Coselpalais" tea caddy with aromatic fruit tea

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Sapphire blue tea caddy with aromatic tea

• Noble jewelry and storage jar including a 100 g high-quality tea blend from the Dresdner Teehandel - 2 variants are available

• Tea caddy shows the Motifs Frauenkirche Dresden and Meissner porcelain service as well as the tableware of the Coselpalais 

• The tea blend "Rote Carla"-is a selected mixture of: -hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, currants, black currants, aroma. It has a sour-tart taste as well as a sweet-berry note and is reminiscent of red fruit jelly.

The tea blend "Blue Flower" is a classic Earl Grey. This elegant and naturally flavored tea inspires with its unique combination of the finest bergamot oil and the subtle scent of exquisite jasmine blossoms. The essential oils of bergamot oil and jasmine blossoms ensure a good start to the day.

• Dimensions: 7 x 13 x 7 cm

A coveted souvenir from our restaurant "Grand Café Coselpalais" in Dresden. You can find out more about our restaurants: