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Smoker Olbernhauer Wandersmann

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The arts and crafts workshops in Olbernhau are among the best-known manufacturers of real Erzgebirge wood art. Original, diverse and deeply rooted in the history of the region, artistic products are made with masterful craftsmanship. 

The Smoking Man"Olbernhauer Wandersmann" from KWO is from the series "The bearded ones" and is made by hand in traditional craftsmanship in the Ore Mountains with great attention to detail. Our smoker is 15 cm high, stained, and he is a Edge stool. He carries a map for his hike, the rucksack and the hiking stick with him.

These incense smokers are among the most coveted objects for lovers of wood art from the Ore Mountains all over the world. An ideal gift for collectors.